Sunday, August 14, 2016

Christmas comes early in my little workshop.  I've been working on gift tags and ornaments this week and drawing new designs.  I recently took the leap and bought a web domain, so I will be adding cute little Christmas stuff as soon as I get it made for the next few weeks.  Remember to order early for custom items as it gets a little crazy around here about mid-November.
You can purchase my creations at either my etsy shop or my new website. (Just getting started on the website so not much listed yet, but please do take a look and tell me what you think.) If you like vintage, I also have a vintage shop:
My Website
My Etsy Art Shop
My Vintage Shop

Custom Gift Idea:
* a personalized mug, plate, or coasters featuring your child's drawing or painting. I have 3 mug styles, 2 plate styles, and an assortment of sizes of tile both round and square to choose from:

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